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eMail Verifier 3.5

eMail Verifier checks your email lists for wrong email addresses
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eMail Verifier is a program to check the validity of your email lists. The program can verify email addresses that are contained in any plain text file.
The program shows you a list with the type, number, server response and scan result of each email address found. The program provides the ability to export or delete any address from the list. The export feature allows you to export the valid or wrong addresses as a text file and then remove the exported entries from the display list.

The preferences of this program allow you to configure the verification method, MX server lookup, bandwidth usage and the total number of the connection threads. You can build your own advanced verification rules simply thanks to the ready-made conditional phrases.

The program's statistics are very powerful; it has both text and graphs that show the percentage of valid, wrong addresses and unsuccessful tests.

The console logger enables you to find out the mail server response and the rule through which a certain email address was marked as valid or invalid.

The trial version of this program verifies the first 100 email addresses only.

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  • Ability to export valid email addresses


  • Trial version checks only the first 100 email addresses
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